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187 - Invincible or Invisible? Jason (@jasondavies71) still believed in the tooth fairy until he was almost 47 years old and he is joined by : Dom (@ozgooner49) Rev Raj (@RajPatel1809) Glen Oglaza (@glenoglaza1) Danny (@The_GFP) - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Our Web Site - Twitter - twit A Bergkamp Wonderland
Chaos theory: Arsenal’s new plan? So another week has come and gone and less and less makes any sense aboard the good ship Arsenal. On the pitch Arsenal put in the kind of brainless limp performance under pressure that has been the team's recent theme. The reaction to going three-one down appeared to be a collective "what's the point?" That's... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Arsenal FanTV: Great Idea, Grim Reality The world of Arsenal FanTV is here to stay, and that must be accepted. Perhaps we should even rejoice at the creation of a place where the previously voiceless can become, however briefly, the vox populi of the vast nation that is Arsenal. But then again, perhaps not. Because several of the more intransigent denizens... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
What should change look like at Arsenal? For Arsenal, change is all anyone talks about at the moment. The question is, what do we want to achieve? And moreover, what should that change look like? Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Episode 87: Let them eat cake – Planes, protests, set pieces, + Spud-thumping In this latest edition of the Daily Cannon Arsenal podcast, Matthew is joined by Anita and Sylvain to discuss planes, protests, Arsene Wenger, French kings, and how not to defend a set piece. Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Episode 132: West Brom (a) - Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark In today's Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast Paul (@PoznanInMyPants), Elliot (@YankeeGunner) and Clive (@ClivePAFC) talk about the 3-1 defeat against West Brom. Set piece madness, playing for the manager, where is Mesut? Alexis out wide and much more all discussed on this weeks Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast. Arsenal Vision
Wenger disgraces himself Fan revolution needed / discussed Greedy Board of Directors dissected Matt, Pete and Alfred discuss the horror of Wenger’s new deal, they delve into fan options to fight the decision, and they talk about Ivan G / the board... The Arsenal Opinion - Le Grove
Plane Stupid Host Josh Landy is joined alongside Alan Alger, Raja B-Sheikh, and Lauren Bones to discuss the current atmosphere both on the pitch, and in the stands. Plus, a thorough debate on whether Wenger should go, and a look at our future fixtures. Produced by Josh Landy Engineered by Joe Mason A Playback Media Production Footballistically Arsenal
Episode 1.32 – Arseblog joins the GiTs for a nice shower soup – West Brom Review On episode 32 we're joined by Andrew Mangan, a.k.a. Arseblog, to discuss the 3-1 loss to West Brom. More importantly, we discuss the best shower food. Has Arsene lost the dressing room? Do we practice set pieces and much more! Gooners in USA
Tactics: Explaining went wrong for Arsenal against West Brom Control’ in a footballing context is an almost subjective word that means different things to different people. Someone who didn’t watch Saturday’s match at The Hawthorns would look at Arsenal’s 77% possession and believe that the visitors were in complete control of the game. That couldn’t be further from the truth. At no point were... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Why Ozil leaving says more about Arsenal than Alexis going As the summer approaches, we face the very real prospect of losing the three biggest names at Arsenal - Arsene Wenger, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. If you ask people who would they rather keep - Alexis or Ozil, most will tell you Alexis. But they're wrong. Listen in the player below, download to listen to later... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Episode 28 - Some of our supporters are embarrassing A short message from Darren the Delhigooner in an effort to unite the club. The Arsenal India Podcast
Arsecast Extra Episode 166 - 20.03.2017 On this week's show we discuss the dreadful defeat and performance against West Brom at the weekend. Dereliction of defensive duties, sterile football, not a shot on target in the second half and all the rest. Then there's the manager saying he knows what his decision will be without telling anyone else, more conspicuous silence from the board, the ARSECAST
Post-West Brom: The Handbrake is Stuck West Brom add another insult to a growing list of Arsenal injuries as they muster up eight shots on target and three fairly avoidable goals to put Arsene Wenger’s men to the sword 3-1 at the Hawthorns. Helping us run the weekly postmortem will be match day commentator Dan Roebuck, plus discussion on the value of managerial clarity to Arsenal America Podcast
107 – The Truman Show? JJ (@LLcoolJames91) hosts regulars Amanda (@GoonerGirl1969) and Woz (@wozthegooner) to discuss the loss away to West Bromwich Albion. Pardon the language, it was a difficult podcast to do - frustration and depression ruled. This podcast is sponsored by OddsMonkey Intro music by @TyMusic We're also available on several other platforms: soundcloud ac The Gooner Ramble
Why I don’t believe in Arsène anymore People are, correctly, using the evidence of their own eyes and returning a judgement that finds Arsene Wenger incapable of delivering us the Arsenal we all want to see. The blame for that lies with the manager. His players, his tactics, his recruitment. But it also lies with a board who are apparently happy to... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
The #ABWRadio Show : 129 - WBA 3-1 Arsenal Shredder (@ColonialCannon) has drawn the short straw as the rest of #ABW has gone AWOL and he is joined by : Drew (@AFCBvB1410) John (@jwelsh84) - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Our Web Site - Twitter - iTunes - A Bergkamp Wonderland
I’ll never learn when it comes to Arsenal I'll never learn when it comes to Arsenal... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Arsenal won’t even make top six Daily Cannon's Paul Williams discusses another shambles and what lies ahead for Arsenal for the rest of the season. Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
In full: Arsene Wenger’s post West Brom press conference Arsene Wenger met with the press after his side's latest defeat and set the interweb alight by admitting he had finally made a decision on his future. Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
It’s time for the change at Arsenal Daily Cannon's Matthew Wade discusses Arsenal's latest disaster, this time at West Brom as well as Arsene Wenger's future. Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Arsenal were ole’d against a Pulis side, Wenger’s done Imagine watching West Brom fans' oleing as their side makes fools of Arsenal. Lee Hurley talks about the Arsenal game and what it means for Arsene Wenger... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Wenger finally makes decision on Arsenal future Arsene Wenger has revealed that he has finally made a decision about his future at Arsenal – but won’t tell anyone what it is just yet. Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Why Arsenal fans need to stop going on about Wenger Wenger may be the hot topic, but short of a continued calm assertion of the need for change, making every fixture about him damages the team, brings down the fan base, and in all honesty does none of us any good. Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
West Brom v Arsenal referee preview Neil Swarbrick has refereed just one Arsenal game this season – the reverse of this fixture on Boxing Day at the Emirates, find out more here... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Audio: Arsene Wenger’s pre-West Brom press conference in full Arsene Wenger met with the press on Thursday ahead of Arsenal's game against West Brom. The manager gave updates on the players available, including Mohamed Elneny who has returned to training, the nonsense in the press about Hector Bellerin and Boro Primorac, refused to discuss his future and more. Enjoy the podcast in the player... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
A brief history of Arsenal’s Irish connection Today is St. Patrick's Day, and as such is a date associated with all things Irish so we take a look at the greatest Irish players ever to don the red and white of Arsenal. Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Episode 421 - A zone of danger Joining me this week for a very interesting discussion about one of the men tipped as a potential Arsene Wenger replacement is Paolo Bandini. We talk about Juventus boss Max Allegri, his career and how he might fit in at Arsenal. We also chat about the failure of English clubs to progress in the Champions League this season and more. I also celebra ARSECAST
186 - Questions & #CarpenterOut Gimli (@GoonerGimli) once found a mouse in a shoe box, he put a saddle on it and together they roamed the countryside and he is joined by : Kris (@AFCfreddie8) Simon Collings (@sr_collings) Danny (@The_GFP) - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Our Web Site - Twitt A Bergkamp Wonderland
Audio: Why have Arsenal really faltered this season? Something changed after Arsenal's defeat against Everton at the end of 2016. So what happened? Douglas Fargalia has a theory... Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Gooner Podcast - Episode 154 Why is the reaction to Arsenal's annual collapse more intense this year? Would a top 4 finish and winning the FA Cup legitimize another two years of Arsene???? If Arsene Wenger did get a contract renewal, would he survive two more seasons? How effective a form of protest are empty seats? The benefits of not qualifying for the Champions League. Is t The Online Gooner Podcast
Audio: Is Alexis really part of the problem at Arsenal as stats suggest? A recent article on Squawka highlighted eight statistics which suggested Alexis is currently part of Arsenal's problem, but how do they stand up under scrutiny? Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Episode 1.31 – Treat Yo Self – Lincoln Review On Episode 31 the Gits have finally recovered from illness, their birthdays, the crushing loss to Bayern, and spa treatments to patch together a shorter-than-normal pod. Bayern is discussed as quickly as possible, Lincoln is remembered fondly, and some debate between Andy and Mike on matters concerning Arsene, protests, player exoduses (exodi?), an Gooners in USA
Episode 27 - Wem - ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley The Clash Should I stay or should I go now? Should I stay or should I go now? If I go, there will be trouble And if I stay it will be double So come on and let me know Should I stay or should I go? The Arsenal India Podcast
Episode 86: Batman and bobbins – Bayern, Lincoln, protests + more In this latest edition of the Daily Cannon Arsenal podcast, Matthew is joined by Helen to discuss Bayern, Lincoln, protests and everything in-between. Including Chris Sutton. And Christian Bale. Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
Episode 131: Lincoln City (h) - Painting My Happy Ending In today's Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast the team have a full compliment of podders. Paul (@PoznanInMyPants), Tim (@Stillberto), Elliot (@YankeeGunner) and Clive (@ClivePAFC) talk about the 5-0 victory against non league Lincoln City at the Emirates. The FA Cup draw, Arsene’s striker choices at the start of the season and much more all discus Arsenal Vision
Club Level Wankers Host Boyd Hilton and Josh Landy are joined alongside Joe Bor and Andrew Dickens to discuss the loss to Bayern in the Champions League and the ongoing unrest at the club. Produced by Josh Landy Engineered by Oli Slack A Playback Media Production Footballistically Arsenal
Arsecast Extra Episode 165 - 13.03.2017 On this week's show discuss the FA Cup quarter-final win over Lincoln City, the sad case of Lucas Perez, terrible commentary and punditry, and who we might draw in the cup semi-finals. We then answer listener questions about Mesut Ozil's role in the team and the midfield set-up, protests and planes, Aaron Ramsey belting in a goal from close range, ARSECAST
Post-Lincoln City: Why the FA Cup is Great Join us as we stay in denial over Arsenal’s pitiful Champions League midweek performance against Bayern and instead discuss the virtues of the FA Cup with the help of Gavin aka SheWore. We’ll also touch on the effect FA Cup success could have on the timing (and nature) of Arsene Wenger’s announcement over his future plans, as well as the ingr Arsenal Review USA
106 – Plucky Imps Plucked JJ (@LLcoolJames91) hosts regulars James (@JECook96) and Woz (@wozthegooner) this weekend to discuss the victory over the Lincoln City Imps. This podcast is sponsored by OddsMonkey Intro music by @TyMusic We're also available on several other platforms: soundcloud acast stitcher YouTube Please Rate and Review the Podcast: Rate and Review on iTunes The Gooner Ramble
The #ABWRadio Show : 128 - Arsenal 5-0 Lincoln City Kris (@AFCfreddie8) is as happy as a pirate in freshly washed satin sheets as we won a game and he is joined by : Karl (@That_London_Guy) Drew (@AFCBvB1410) Shredder (@ColonialCannon) - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Our Web Site - Twitter - A Bergkamp Wonderland
Episode 130: Bayern Munich (h) - How Much Sh*t Do I Have To Eat? In today's Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast: Paul (@PoznanInMyPants), Tim (@Stillberto) and Elliot (@YankeeGunner) talk about the 5-1 defeat against Bayern Munich at the Emirates. Alexis Sanchez vs Arsene Wenger, a functioning midfield, shipping goals, Arsene’s future and much more all discussed on this weeks Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast. Arsenal Vision
076 - We Was Runnin Through The 020 With Our Woes We are back!!!! Sorry for the delay we have been super busy behind the scenes. Ryan, E and AJ were busily working a new 5 and half year deal with a major sponsor and Mario, well God knows where he is. Enjoy the podcast! Follow us on our social media pages and interact, we love the interaction with every Gooner! #COYG Our Sponsor FutbolHeadz Apparel Full90Gooner Podcast
Episode 420 - The Arsenal environment It's another long one so prep your ears. I'm joined by James Olley of the Evening Standard to talk Bayern, Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke and more, before we get some perspective on Saturday's FA Cup quarter-final from Richie Bates, an Arsenal fan who also happens to be Commercial Director with Lincoln City. I'm then joined by Clive Palmer to chat more a ARSECAST
185 - 10 Bloody 2 Jason (@jasondavies71) has had a last minute call up to be host, he might be more angry than usual and he is joined by : Andrew (@PR_WhoRu) Geoff (@GeoffArsenal) Sophie (@soccerdiva) Danny (@The_GFP) - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Our Web Site - Twitter - tw A Bergkamp Wonderland
Ep. 185: Paul Mariner of ESPNFC, Tim Stillman of Arseblog News and @Gingers4Limpar Where to begin? Like really where do we begin? The toxicity and turmoil at the club has all the makings of an anti-Trump rally, but we do have a trophy and pride still to play for. So why not support the Team, the Club, the manager until the end. Show starts with Paul Mariner of... ArseAmerica Podcast
Audio – Shooting Wenger with Bayern blanks We're all angry. We're all disappointed. But in which of the twelve levels of hell was Tuesday night's game an exhibit that adds to the fuel to sack Arsene Wenger? Daily Cannon Arsenal Podcast
105 – Arsenal by the Numbers This week host Giles (@invertdwhinger) is joined by new signing Dave (@goonerdave66) and special guest Rob (@orbinho) from Opta Sport to discuss the emergence of stats and analytics in football, and why Arsenal are so interesting to research. Dave and Giles round things off by talking about the Bayern tie, the FA Cup and the + Read More... The Gooner Ramble
Arsenal: The Sunderland of the CL Insider rumblings on Wenger departure Sanchez, the new Gallas Matt, Alfred and Pete discuss the absolute atrocity that happened in the last 16, AGAIN. The Arsenal Opinion - Le Grove
The #ABWRadio Show : 127 - Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich Kris (@AFCfreddie8) wow, omg, shit the bed, did this just happen AGAIN, anyway he is joined by : John (@jwelsh84) Karl (@That_London_Guy) Danny (@The_GFP) - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Our Web Site - Twitter - iTunes - A Bergkamp Wonderland
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