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Arsenal LegendStarted by Ianardo 8 days ago

This is Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling Boys 1954. Does anyone recognise any of these players?

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93 – Swans Plucked for FourStarted by Liam 29 days ago

whats the tune at the start and the end of the pod was wonderin?

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Rested ArsenalStarted by Ehab 31 days ago

I think we will go on a good run now,try to peak by the time we go to Stamford Bridge

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Preston 1-2 Arsenal: Olivier Giroud is the hero we needStarted by Chris Lamb 42 days ago

Great game Lucas. At least Arsene understood that the right wing was not your best place to play. A superb future to you @ Arsenal.

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away formStarted by Farai Vambe 42 days ago

whats wrong with arsenal`s away form

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Coquelin out for a few weeksStarted by Kakeeto Sharif 44 days ago

its so bad and dot worry arsenal we are gunners so we have to do everything we can to win

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Stressing Arsenal....Started by Chris Lamb on 24th November

Am just (unfortunately) disappointed that we do not have the level of backup for Hector and Nacho.
No solution at all at the front as well... desperating... well done Psg. We are just lucky that Cavani has a 1/5 success conversion rate... otherwise...

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Why getting the best from Aaron Ramsey could decide Arsenal's Premier League title hopesStarted by jim carnegie on 21st November

We have only seen the 'best' of Aaron Ramsey fleetingly for about half a season when he went on a one off scoring spree. Other than that. he has been a huge disappointment. He is ponderous and demands the ball far too often, only to then play a series of short, unhelpful passes backwards or sideways. When he does try to be progressive with his forward passes, he generally turns the ball over and then seeks out someone to blame other than himself. He hinders our counter-attack options and often tries to be over-elaborate and invariably ends up looking clumsy and cumbersome. For me, he is hugely over-rated and cannot understand why he seems to be considered to be an automatic starter.

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Arsene Wenger and Arsenal rescued from muddle of own making Barney RonayStarted by Eric on 19th November

Arriving at Old Trafford today, I could not believe the team Arsene named other than Jenkinson for Bellerin why was Ramsey in there and on the left? AR had a mare, we played with ten men throughout he did pretty much nothing. Elneny, is a good player but having not been a regular to be brought into a game of this stature? Personally I would have started with the same back four, Alexis on the left, Theo on the right and Giroud up front, Zaka for Elneny and the rest as was. When Arsene questions if the team have mental block at OT, I think he himself had one with his selection, fortunately he recovered it with late changes. COYG.

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Be alertStarted by Salisu Afolabi on 18th September

Good to be in this great forum.Want Wenger to strengthen the midfield and wing against Chelsea as most of their attack usually comes from Willian and Hazzard.

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Hull - Arsenal - North London pubs showing it?Started by Joseph Furey on 17th September

Anyone know of a boozer in north London that will be playing the Arsenal - Hull game? Yes, I know it's a 3pm kick-off

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Arsenal - Hull today, pubs in north London showing itStarted by Joseph Furey on 17th September

Anyone know of a boozer in north London that will be playing the Arsenal - Hull game? Yes, I know it's a 3pm kick-off

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stop the moansStarted by Ray Singh on 16th September

sell nobody play Ospina
stop moaning you silly fans

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Wenger Confirms Mustafi Deal Is Close and Brahimi Arsenal Link AFTV Transfer DailyStarted by Wayne on 21st August

This player no one is talking about and I don't know why.
Would be brilliant for us if he was given the chance Robbie mate.
See attached picture and description.

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Todays matchStarted by Muzz on 20th August

Welcome lads ,its gonna be a good one !!

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62 – Does Arsenal Own Its Size?Started by Red Russian on 19th August

Brilliant...a must for every football supporter, regardless of their club affiliation...insightful, passionate, top notch punditry!!! Better than great...

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Woe Is OrnsteinStarted by Red Russian on 19th August

You chaps don't understand a shocking's like listening to a conversation involving 2 girls talking about a teams performance in a match, based on judgement derived from their personal preferences of the uniform color... I don't mean to slag female sports fans via this analogy, as clearly, any girls or young children or mentally handicapped, with even a rudimentary understanding of football...would feel just as shocked by the lack of insight and understanding displayed in this pod I was...
This truely embodies the dark side of social media reality...when pundits with your level of cluelessness, are able to subject the interworld to a display of misunderstanding previously reserved for telephone conversations between 2 misguided...yet , no doubt, well intentioned fair weather supporters...
2 fascinating 2 turn away, like a catastrophic accident...this "podcrash" gives a glimps of the state, of average American misunderstanding of football...thanks!

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arsenal for lifeStarted by Craig downes on 15th August

I hope that Wenger sign a player today

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Episode 1Started by Arsenal New Zealand on 14th August

I enjoyed this podcast. Listened to just before liv game. Yea I liked n noticed the similarities with arseblogs cast. Clear voicing too!

Arsenal New Zealand!!

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Mustafi Edges Closer & Mahrez's Silence Is Deafening! AFTV Transfer DailyStarted by Wayne on 13th August

In relation to us being linked to riyad mahrez and lacazette.
Look it's one of these two in not both and mustafi is a must as wengers hand has been forced.
Now for the reason behind mahrez and lacazette deals!!!
We herd Wenger himself say he needs one more option upfront so if there not going to spend on lacazette and can get mahrez for cheaper then they will do that deal and play Alexis upfront.
If you asked me we underspent last season so why not over spend on lacazette? If we don't get one of them forward options in with an experienced defender this month we can kiss goodbye to keeping hold of Ozil and Alexis.
£20 mil overspend on mahrez or lacazette gives us a chance to keep our stars already at the club and that's money well spent in my opinion mate! Agree???

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