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Arsenal vs Chelsea: FA Cup final preview with Llion CarbisStarted by Ssmith 30 days ago

Good luck Arsenal. You can win the FA Cup today if we all believe in you. xxx

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Arsenal facing injury crisis ahead of FA Cup finalStarted by Jake 35 days ago

Sanchez stays pretty much injury free all season n now this.. without sanchez ( as usual were a very soft and weak defensively 1 man team) chelsea will completely destoy us as usual, woopty do we had a descent end run in.. but we had a month of loosing every game!!! That simply doesnt happen to big teams

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Kit tomozStarted by Wayne Scrivens on 22nd April

What kit we wearing tomoz?

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The Tuesday Club - They Don't Even Need To Kick UsStarted by Romeo on 14th April

Gives new meaning to the phrase "IT'S BACK ON!"

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Arsenal ReplacementsStarted by Thomasn887 on 13th March

We need to bring in a new LB CAM Santi aint going to be here for ever , isco perfect replacement Lb hard one could sign the Monaco Kid or go for Jordi alba Afc A well run club not bigger than the manager . we will be here for 1000s of year believe

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The Arsenal Movement: A Board's Denial & Arsène's TruthStarted by Dayo Ekundayo on 10th March

I feel wenger is not the issue at arsenal.The issue is the board.Wenger needs to buy more sound players.No big player will want to come and play with boys. Arsenal is a great and known team.We need players like lacazette.Our midfield is lacking experience. All this am sure Wenger knows

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Arsenal 1-5 Bayern: wowStarted by David Stevens on 7th March

I love arsenal if Arsen loves them as well, please retire with dignity,we need a change we have been humiliated over two legs , we are becoming a laughing stock !!!

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Oxlade-Chamberlain reveals Sanchez's shower rage over missStarted by Nhlakanipho on 3rd March

Sánchez please stay at Emirates next season

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Wenger In?Started by Ollie Harrison on 2nd March

Which fans actually want Wenger to sign a new contract and why?

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scouting for ArsenalStarted by LESLIE PENGELLY on 22nd February

I see that the Arsenal scouts were denied admission the the recent Lincoln away match, if these are the same scouts who spotted Zhaka, Gabriel and Mustafi , it would have not been any advantage to Arsenal these scouts are all very short sighted

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West Ham: Let's Get Hammered - Slaven's StormStarted by Tobi on 22nd February

These Arsenal purely podcasts are not Arsenal related at all so I don't see why they are in this portal and why do you call them Arsenal Purely when in fact they have nothing to do with Arsenal. It quite confusing and let's face it, a bit irritating when you come to an Arsenal portal seeking Arsenal content and you are talking about the under 23 right back wonder kid at West Brom. I mean from an Arsenal perpective...who gives a f***?!

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Arsenal LegendStarted by Ianardo on 10th February

This is Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling Boys 1954. Does anyone recognise any of these players?

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93 – Swans Plucked for FourStarted by Liam on 20th January

whats the tune at the start and the end of the pod was wonderin?

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Rested ArsenalStarted by Ehab on 19th January

I think we will go on a good run now,try to peak by the time we go to Stamford Bridge

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Preston 1-2 Arsenal: Olivier Giroud is the hero we needStarted by Chris Lamb on 8th January

Great game Lucas. At least Arsene understood that the right wing was not your best place to play. A superb future to you @ Arsenal.

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away formStarted by Farai Vambe on 7th January

whats wrong with arsenal`s away form

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Coquelin out for a few weeksStarted by Kakeeto Sharif on 5th January

its so bad and dot worry arsenal we are gunners so we have to do everything we can to win

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Stressing Arsenal....Started by Chris Lamb on 24th November

Am just (unfortunately) disappointed that we do not have the level of backup for Hector and Nacho.
No solution at all at the front as well... desperating... well done Psg. We are just lucky that Cavani has a 1/5 success conversion rate... otherwise...

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Why getting the best from Aaron Ramsey could decide Arsenal's Premier League title hopesStarted by jim carnegie on 21st November

We have only seen the 'best' of Aaron Ramsey fleetingly for about half a season when he went on a one off scoring spree. Other than that. he has been a huge disappointment. He is ponderous and demands the ball far too often, only to then play a series of short, unhelpful passes backwards or sideways. When he does try to be progressive with his forward passes, he generally turns the ball over and then seeks out someone to blame other than himself. He hinders our counter-attack options and often tries to be over-elaborate and invariably ends up looking clumsy and cumbersome. For me, he is hugely over-rated and cannot understand why he seems to be considered to be an automatic starter.

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