Are you thankful Wenger is still around? Yes/No

Conversation started by chidiebere francis on January 20th, 2016

chidiebere francis wrote on 20th January, 2016:


Gooner Moz replied on 21st January, 2016:

We should be doing better and some of Wengers decisions do baffle me but YES i'm thankful he's still around. The bottom line is that we are top of the table at the moment and we all would have taken that at the start of the season.

Travelerphil replied on 22nd April, 2016:

We have the outside chance of finnishing 2nd which would be an improvement on last seasons 3rd place. I personally think Wenger should take next season to find a suitable replacement have a good season and go out with the respect he deserves. I think if he renews his contract then it will be open season on him from the 20% of the fanbase that already want him gone and with more sure to follow.

12 pounder replied on 25th April, 2016:

Yes, I guess. Currently a top four finish if we cling onto our current position and like you point out we finished 3rd last season so its step backwards. I would give him next season and see if the slide continues. I don't know who I would choose to replace him though, do you?

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