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Long time Gooner,businessman & travel buff. I was at the 71 Cup Final & come from a long line of Arsenal fans.
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Are you thankful Wenger is still around? Yes/NoPosted by Travelerphil on 22nd April, 2016

We have the outside chance of finnishing 2nd which would be an improvement on last seasons 3rd place. I personally think Wenger should take next season to find a suitable replacement have a good season and go out with the respect he deserves. I think if he renews his contract then it will be open season on him from the 20% of the fanbase that already want him gone and with more sure to follow.

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The Arsenal DilemaPosted by Travelerphil on 21st April, 2016

Is the current turmoil engulfing the clubs fanbase healthy for our club going forward or is it a fact that we need to send a meassage to our board who many think are not fit for purpose.

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