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The Arsenal DilemaPosted by 12 pounder on 25th April, 2016

Given the position we're in I think everyone is jittery! If we finish outside of the top four then its really going to hit the fan and the board will know about it then. 1 win in the last 4 games doesn't fill me with confidence, we 'should' get 6 points from 2 of our last 3 games and IF we can beat Man city then things will look a lot better.

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Are you thankful Wenger is still around? Yes/NoPosted by 12 pounder on 25th April, 2016

Yes, I guess. Currently a top four finish if we cling onto our current position and like you point out we finished 3rd last season so its step backwards. I would give him next season and see if the slide continues. I don't know who I would choose to replace him though, do you?

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